Our Products

Information Security System Development

KHASTECH Solutions has a pool of highly qualified and competent information security specialists having high level of expertise and experience in designing information security solutions that are customized for specific applications. KHASTECH Solutions also has specialized affiliated labs with dedicated design hardware and software tools especially for cryptographic systems. The solutions are supplemented with detailed documentation for adoption, customization, system management, auxiliary components and serial production. Both user and technical level training is given to the personnel to ensure effective adoption in the organization.

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IT Gadgets

A gadget is a small technological object (such as a device or an appliance) that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are invariably considered to be more unusually or cleverly designed than normal technological objects at the time of their invention.

Power Devices

KHASTECH Solution has developed a number of super capacitor based power solution for various applications including UPS, Electric Vehicle (EVs), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), Toys, Multi-Copters etc. The experience has helped gain high level of expertise and relevant experience in this field. Therefore, depending upon specific requirements, an efficient customized solution can be developed expeditiously.

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Mobile & Web Apps & Games

KTS has a team of highly passionate and experienced developers of mobile and web applications. The team has built and published over 400 uniquely designed mobile applications both for enterprise as well as Google Play and Apple App Store. The apps are for diverse applications including GPS tracking, download manager, dictionaries, messaging & chatting, fashion costumes, image processing, books & solution manuals, entertainment, Islamic literature etc.

Multi-Platform Enterprise Grade Applications

• Academic Enterprise Resource Management Planning (AERP) solution based on ODOO, an open source ERP platform for Universities and Colleges campus management.

• Customized Massive On-line Open Course (MOOC) provider platform for on-line learning and course offering for students of institution of higher and professional learning.

• Application specific integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for real-time monitoring, reporting and problem solving with a strong focus on business and IT optimization.

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